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>> The brief: Colleen wanted to encourage her son as well as give him an artwork for his bedroom that he would have for all time.  We sat down, ready to be inspired by 10 year old Aemon. 

>> Our strategy:  Aemon wanted to be an architect but paint and draw in his spare time, the problem was, at art classes and in school, the kind of art he wanted to do was too messy!  There are still paint splatters on our studio’s ceiling from Aemon’s workshop! We spent half the day building up a richly textured composition, then stood back and saw the theme park hills and sky. Using a couple of studio trucks and tools just made for these moments, Aemon’s drawn in his roller coaster, characters, rocket and Ferris wheel. Da Da! 

>> The results:  Love.  Amazement.  Colleen was so happy and Aemon, he now has art he can hang in his architects office and reflect upon.  What a pleasure and a favourite art workshop for kids! 


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