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>> The brief:  Kelly, having experienced inspiring her Bald Hills home decor from art painted in Private Art Workshop, decided to treat her investment home too.  Inhabited by her daughter and family, and with a Maori heritage, Kelly and Chloe wanted hints of Island living, a cool tropical feel and, fun family elements.

>> Our strategy:  The two problems to fix were an overall lack of contrast and the cavity wall between the TV room and open plan kitchen-dining area.  Spaces lack atmosphere and feel dull and even hot, when there’s no contrast and no area zoning.  Always add some contrast for umph and style!

Breaking up the sea of warm apricot floor and cream walls with cool contrasting colours in the blue-green waterfall like Haymes Artisan Copper Patina and complimentary silky water effect Haymes Gravity in Charcoal, gave Chloe and Kelly their cooling tropical feel and a sense of intimacy and richness. Awesome!

copper patina feature walll

haymes artisan surface gravity

The cavity wall was an easy fix using existing artwork from our library, muting a section of it for late afternoon light and printing it so that this Glass Mural could be seen from both sides:  magical!

tropical home decor glass mural

Décor items sourced from Etsy and Oxfam, as we are mainly anti-mass production here were beautiful woven baskets and walls hangings, plus cushions from Ikea incorporating fun squares, triangles and dots with a new planting arrangement from Bunnings to match the new dining room rug.

island living decor

Spaces can be looked at as having temperature: hot and cool.  If you want warm fun bright colours, have it and cool and contrast them with black and whites.  It’s a formula that work every time!


>> The Results:  As you can see a big change from the sea of sameness. The children, Chloe and her husband, and Kelly, have shared so many pictures of their home to friends and family and are always recommending Tailored Artwork.  It is wonderful to help families create a home inspired by art and decorated wall to cushion with love and home decoration



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