Opera on Cordelia Large Art Comission by Sharron Tancred Tailored Artworks

Opera on Cordelia, Custom Opera Themed Foyer Artwork

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>>The Brief: The staff and residents of Opera on Cordelia, South Brisbane felt that the multi-residential apartments were lacking some identity and relevance. Aptly named after its proximity to QPAC (Queensland Performing Arts Centre), Sharron Tancred was tasked with enhancing the foyer with an opera themed artwork.

>>Our Strategy: To combat the large empty space for the foyer artwork, it was decided to paint a large art commission on two panels in a similar style to that of Sharron’s previously painted Pizza Oven Splashback. This style involves a softly shaded limited colour palette, highlighted with golds and silver metallics with elegant and expressive line work to create a feminine contrast to the existing masculine architecture.

To lift the mood of the consistent grey and brown, Sharron decided on an analogous warm palette with cool blue complementary colours for her opera themed artwork to give a sense of light, shadow and depth.

The multi-residential art would feature a buzzing operatic scene full of singers, musicians, and spectators, lavishly dressed and surrounded by champagne, beer, bouquets, instruments, and a chandelier to set the frivolous operatic atmosphere.


>>The Results: The board at Opera on Cordelia was delighted with the finished artwork and amazed at the transformation of their reception area with their custom-designed foyer artwork, as seen in the positional.

They are eagerly awaiting the delivery and hanging of their fantastic opera themed artwork.

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