Our Gypsie Romance – Passionate Art Commission

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>>The Brief: David’s ex wife had worked with Sharron on artwork commissions for his last home. Now, envisioning a new home at Mt Tamborine with his new partner and gypsie Tamara, David decided to first create its soul with an original oil painting commission. And what better inspiration than his Gypsie Romance!


>>Our strategy:  As a custom art specialist and Interior Decorator, Sharron sees spaces as complete- even when they don’t yet exist.  Like most dyslexics, her power is visualisation and the ability to bring it into reality.  Designing Our Gypsie Romance with David and Tamara began with defining their décor style as Retro Industrial Classic with Jewel Colours. To express this architecturally, we chose an antique-styled frame in a modern Gloss Black and then applied 5 coats of varnish to the painting to imbued an antique look.  As artwork commissions go, this one aimed was full of passion.

>>The Outcome: We commissioned a painting from Sharron who talked with us about our taste in furniture, décor, style etc. Then showed us different painting styles from famous artists such as Gauguin, Dali, Monet etc and what style we wanted for our painting. Matching colours we liked and what size, canvas type, frame type etc etc. Then a computer image of how we like it to look. There is obviously several iterations/versions until we are both comfortable and have the same vision. Then progress photos of the art is emailed to us. Once finished and on the wall, it looks fantastic and gets comments by EVERYONE who comes to our home.

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