Sharron and Rosie in front of waterfall mural

Ormiston Outdoor Pool Wall Mural


>>The brief: Fences can be an eyesore. They provide privacy, but at the cost of an obstructed view. Trevor and Eithne decided the Colourbond fence beside their modern pool and beautifully kept garden needed a focal point. They wanted an outdoor paradise! 

>> The strategy: After consultation with Sharron, they were relieved to discover that there was a solution to their dilemma:  Outdoor murals sold by The Mural Shop.  It’s still Sharron’s art, printed onto metal, durable, weather-resistant for outdoor use!  

Inspired by their pool, Eithne and Trevor selected an artwork Inspired by their favourite place, Greece! Then, they were delighted to discover they could match the 4.5-meter width of their swimming pool!  From a distance, their Grecian Outdoor Mural couldn’t be more seamless. The ocean’s blue matches the swimming pool blue, and their small garden now has a theme.  

>> The outcome:  We enhanced the Grecian Outdoor Mural colours and theme with a feature wall in the adjoining living room. Haymes Artisan Copper Patina was ideal for its Mediterranean aesthetic, tying in the blues of the pool and Outdoor Pool Wall Mural. The entire scene is now a vision 


The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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