Fiordland – Paint from your photo with professional help!

Private Art Commissions

>> The brief: Beachmere resident Christine plans big things for her colonial cottage by the sea. She dreams of infusing it with French Provincial accents, memories and a natural colour palette featuring her favourite hue, Red Orange. Chris decided to paint art with professional help to create the soul of her new bedroom. She wanted to paint art from a photo of her husband’s homeland and her favourite place … Fiordland and sought researched professional artists in Brisbane.

>> Our strategy: Chris discovered Private Adult Art Workshops by artist and decorator, Sharron Tancred. It was an easy process. Because, Sharron marked out Chris’ photo in coloured pastel onto the canvas to help her navigate through the detail.  Together, Chris under Sharron’s expert eye painted the artwork in just 8 hours – quite a feat!

>> The results: Christine says, ‘I enjoyed every moment with you. I sort of don’t believe I did it – when I look at the painting I will always remember your greatness, niceness and just fun that we had and smile … it was a very, very special day. I did not have dinner Friday night – you fed me so much … ha ha’. Christine later asked Sharron to help her with her homés Interior Decorating inspired by the artwork they painted together.

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