Custom bedroom decor artwork that created a Peace of Burleigh!

Private Art Commissions

>> The brief: Helen and Rob booked an appointment at Brisbane Home Show to create a custom bedroom decor artwork for above their bed that would portray their favourite place – Burleigh Beach and its rock pools.

>> Our strategy: At their appointment, Helen and Rob revealed that they thought an artwork between the bed and above window would work, but a new plan convinced them otherwise as filling the void would have created a tower of vertical lines too bulky for above a bed.

A larger artwork replacing the small print, painted in pastels sampled from the existing bed linen and the tallboy and in a textured style Rob liked, instead would balance the space and provide a window to their dream place… every day! Frame and scale chosen, the design stage bought out an artwork full of relevance to the couple – boats, an early sunset, Pandanas, lots of rocks, themselves and their grandkids too!

> The results: “Hi Sharron, thanks for the painting. It is BIG, but as a window into our space, where we love to be. My kids think the concept is terrific, and the grandkids think it’s great that they are actually in it! But we were a little disappointed in a couple of things. The painting being so true to life – you got those rocks right – I keep expecting to go to sleep listening to the waves, but nothing – no splashes even – not a flipping ripple -only silence – did you use cheap paint? Also every morning I look, as I get out of bed, and the tide is always out!!! Did we miss something in our many discussions? Or was it the paint? Hee Hee Hee! It’s hard – but your painting helps us glow. And, your suggestion of the new wall colour fit in with our light and bright renovations beautifully. Thank you!” Regards, Robin & Helen

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The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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