How to Create an Instant Party Space!

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Outdoor Kitchens are a trend in Australian outdoor lifestyle where Pizza Oven Splashbacks  can be a feature. Typically natural materials are used to create our outdoor aesthetics. However, what many of us love to do within our outdoor settings is to party! Notably, beside the BBQ or Pizza Oven! 

Small spaces are ideal for instant party locations in that such spaces only need a few friends to fill them up and create a mood.  A good view, music, drinks and nibbles help, and so does your Outdoor BBQ Splashback!

What kind of parties do you like to hold?  Are they elegant affairs, full of charismatic, stylish friends, a light, breezy ambience, delicious flavours wafting to funky lounge music? 

Perhaps, you love a party on your patio, sports in the background, beers on tap at the bar, sausages on the BBQ and tales of the last fishing trip reiterated with fishing paraganglia as your décor! 

What outdoor décor ideas could you use to imbued these sorts of instant party vibes?  One way is with your BBQ or Pizza Oven Splashback!  For instance, Simone in Perth decided to commission a hand-painted Pizza Oven Mural from Tailored Artworks. 

Simone’s brief included a portrait of her cat, Fluff Money, floating heads, a pastel colour palette predominantly blue-green, blue-violet, green and pink with metallic gold and silver touches! 

Add to this, big loopy earrings, swirls, twirls, splats, textures, moustaches, champagne bottles with corks flying, birds and umbrellas.  In other words, an elegant, outdoorsy sense of havoc and frivolity!

After a week painting this artwork in the studio, it was complete.  Trucked from Brisbane to Perth, this custom-die-cut four-meter wide party mural then received toughened glass die-cut to match. 

Glasscapes in Perth, professionally installed the artwork behind their glass to fit the Pizza Oven.  Simone chose perfect pendant lights that cleverly picked up on the bubbly, frothy mural and viola, her instant party space. If you believe in Law of Attraction, Simone will no doubt attract stylish, fun people to her party zone!

Why does this design technique work so well?  Vertical walls are highly visible from all around your space. Therefore, using art as Outdoor Decor Ideas can be commissioned to convey your ideal instant party vibe.  Here, it’s like a mirror reflecting Simone’s party; only no one’s there!  Like, rent a crowd! Ha!

Finally, you can use your splashback to create your feeling of what a good lifestyle is—fishing at the beach, partying on a yacht, in a log cabin or 1920’s Jazz at the racetrack!  Once you have your party spot, it adds a point of difference, and lifestyle which adds value to your home.  

Most importantly, expanding your interior design style outdoors and visa-versa will create the illusion of more space. We all want that!

So, that’s how an idea like a Pizza Oven Splashback can transform your Outdoor Kitchen into your instant party space! 

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