Brisbane Private Adult Art Workshops with Sharron

Paint your original gallery quality artwork tailored to your decor!

You will love the experience of a one on one Private Art Workshop with artist, Sharron Tancred.

A one or two day Private Art Workshop is a treat!  Indulge yourself in the experience of a lifetime, painting your very own gallery quality masterpiece, side by side with professional artist and company director, Sharron Tancred at her nostalgic home based Brisbane (Murrumba Downs)  Art Studio.

Sign your original artwork!  Enjoy a gourmet morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, all made to your taste and dietary requirements, and, at day’s end, feel tired but immensely proud of yourself when you sign your artwork, having achieved our united vision for it and your decor.

Our Private Art Workshops feel… wonderful!  After your art workshop, relax. Your unique artwork will be delivered, even professionally hung for you. You can proudly show off the original art you helped to paint, enjoy its beauty and the stunning improvement to your decor that your customised artwork has created. Show your signature off to your visitors and feel, wonderful.

Guaranteed results.  Our one on one workshops are a fun, but very real world art experience. These are not art classes, though Sharron does teach you, intensely, as your artwork progresses.  Our Private Art Workshops are suitable for novices, beginners and intermediate artists.  They are a realistic and productive with the goal to produce a gallery quality artwork tailored to your decor.

Gift Ideas:  Tailored Artworks’ Private Adult or Child Art Workshops are an indulgent anniversary, wedding or unique birthday gift.  They are a truly unforgettable personal experience for yourself and Sharron loves to design them to become future heirlooms!

Planning your Art Workshop. Our Private Workshops are designed and quoted at Planning Session. It’s all possible at Tailored Artworks.

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Latest Art Commissions

>> Fishermans Friend




Client brief: Ming has a 1950s home at Taringa where renovations will improve its value dramatically. After sitting in on one of Sharron’s Home Show talks, he realised that art was indeed a great start!

Our strategy: The design consultation resulted in a Gauguin inspired oil painting, reflective of Ming’s heritage and Christian beliefs, which would also establish a plantation styled decor and a fresh, rich colour palette. His Private Adult Workshop with Sharron was a challenge for him, learning the nuances of professional painting, but he kept up with Sharron’s furious pace!

Results: A delighted Ming and our Interior Designer, Taryn Whitaker from Assorted Spaces, will help Ming in the future with his renovations inspired by his new artwork.

>> Two Flow




Client Brief: Debbie and Alex have been using a complimentary palette, full of natural textures to decorate their home with items from their travels, but the large hallway wall stood bare. The couple determined that art, personal to them and painted in the Dali style at a Private Art Workshop would complete the living area.

Our strategy: At appointment Sharron’s mind mapping technique and Alex’s perception of what it unravelled gave expression to an embrace of 2 people as Sea and Earth, at one with the other, separate but together for all eternity, how beautiful! Debbie’s Private Adult Workshop taught her how to create smooth vignettes, blend hues from light to dark, visualise so as to paint quickly through the subconscious, and to perceive contrast from a distance.

Results:  “Dear Sharron, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of doing a Private Workshop with you and painting our special piece of art for our new home. Your professionalism and patience were appreciated. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for that something special – do yourself a favour and invest in a Tailored Artwork! Sharron, I’m Looking forward to doing another one next year.” Debbie and Alex





Client brief: Beachmere resident Christine plans big things for her colonial cottage by the sea. She dreams of infusing it with French Provincial accents, memories and a natural colour palette featuring her favourite hue, Red Orange. She decided upon at as the Soul of the new bedroom and chose a photo of her husband’s homeland and her favourite place … Fiordland.

Our strategy: For this Private Adult Art Workshop Sharron marked out areas in coloured pastel to help the client navigate through the detail resulting in the artwork being painted in just 8 hours – quite a feat!

Results: Christine says, ‘I enjoyed every moment with you. I sort of don’t believe I did it – when I look at the painting I will always remember your greatness, niceness and just fun that we had and smile … it was a very, very special day. I did not have dinner Friday night – you fed me so much … ha ha’. Christine’s planning a joint workshop for their 20th wedding anniversary. Romantic!


>>Sunshine in Eternity




Client brief: Lovely Katherine, like so many, she’d never indulged herself in buying an art treasure, but the temptation of working with Sharron was just too much! Katherine has had a hard time the last few years and asked for subject matter that focused on their families future, about where they’d live and what they’d do.

Our strategy: – Another mind mapping technique and 15 minutes later, success! ‘Sunshine in Eternity’ is about their dream home location, Kat’s yacht upbringing, David’s penchant for making billy tea, their love for one another, and their teenagers’ independence – Sharron excelled herself!

On the day, like all our adult clients, Kat was nervous. No one ever wrecks an artwork when painting alongside Sharron so fear not! Sharron discovered that Kat relaxed more by choosing her music from the studio’s collection. They chatted about life, love and loss while Sharron patiently encouraged Kat that she too could grasp something new … and she did.

Results: Wow! This artwork was painted as a surprise for Kat’s husband and didn’t he just love it! The rustic theme reinforces the antique hall stand, the contemporary colours and style suit and balances the room’s modern elements. That’s art styling at its best, folks.