Private Kids Art Workshops with Sharron

Brisbane art workshops that increase your kid’s confidence and create an heirloom!

Our Private Kids Art Workshops by Sharron Tancred are held at Murrumba Downs, North Brisbane

Children from 18 months up can experience our Private Kids Art Workshop! Just like our Private Adult Art Workshops, we offer exciting art experiences for your young child. Artist Sharron Tancred works with children as young as 18 months as this is when they can follow instructions and work for hours through our specially developed children’s creative process.

Sharron will cut templates of your artworks design to allow your young child to easily manage fabulous results that in turn become a treasured heirloom. It’s all about designing to your child’s ability, lots of planning, quality materials and excellent art direction.

Private Kids Art Workshops for school aged children: Older children who are serious about art can express themselves and achieve more professional looking outcomes in a one on one Private Art Workshop not achievable at school or group art classes e.g. throwing paint like Jackson Pollock or accomplishing technically more difficult styles.

Imagine your child’s artwork in a gallery!  Our Private Workshops typically create larger than school or art class artworks because we are designing your child’s unique artwork to solve a decor problem like art for your lounge,  foyer or even your boardroom.  To do this well, we use professional paints on a custom made gallery quality canvas.  So your unique kids artwork will be big and beautifully done! Like in a gallery.

Pride of place – We have developed this to be a very special experience that your child will never forget. They’ll always be proudly showing their artwork and hand print or signature off to anyone who visits!  For parents, displaying your child’s original artwork in your home or office will also release great feelings of pride, they are a genius after all.

Commissioning your Private Kids Art Workshop experience is easy:  All of our customised children’s artworks are designed with you at your Art and Decor Planning Session which is held at your location. Just like our Private Adult Art Workshops, our Kids Art Workshops come with a menu tailored to your child’s wishes or dietary requirements.

About our Art and Decor Planning Sessions

Latest art commissions

>> Aim High! Be True!

Client Brief: Matthew and Lytia wanted their 5-year-old son Max also to experience a confidence boosting Private Kids Art Workshop like his older partially deaf sister’s session. This day had arrived! The goal: an artwork that Max could use as his mantra, “Aim High! Be True” – his hero Astro Boy’s slogan – and an heirloom image that would still look cool when Max had his home.

Our strategy: As little kids lack small motor dexterity, it’s a far richer experience for them to do their thing while Sharron teaches them about the physical side of the painting: how body angle, arm angle and brush management affect the painting. Figurative artworks like these require templates to cover or be removed as the work progresses, thus creating an easier, more relaxed experience and guaranteeing a far better result than traditional art classes for children.

Results: “Max had a wonderful time painting his Astro Boy. It’s the most focused I’ve ever seen him! He loved working with Sharron, who made him feel relaxed and at home. She even thought of the little touches like Max’s favourite food. He learnt so much about the different ways to use a paintbrush and the various techniques he could use. When I asked Max what he loved the best about Sharron, he said: “She is very creative just like me!” I would highly recommend booking a children’s workshop with Sharron as the quality of the artwork produced at the workshop was outstanding, and it is something that can be kept forever.” Lytia, school teacher, Brisbane

>> Life’s A Circus!

The brief: Police officers Tammy and Ian live a busy life with their three gregarious girls, Grace 12 and twins Lauren and Victoria 10. The family buys, renovates and sells homes, so with their busy lives and the girls’ auditory processing syndromes, ‘Life’s a Circus!’. Tammy wanted an artwork which reflected their life – something colourful that would work in any neutral environment.

The strategy: Sharron always creates a mind map of words taken from a conversation with the clients, in this case, ballet, music, spectral colours, Kandinsky, White Welsh Mountain Pony, poodle, almost-strangled, over-cuddled cat, Victoria’s handstands and Grace’s tutu. These formed the picture in Sharron’s mind which she then designed to suit the stairwell landing’s square format.

Results: A massive day! Three little girls who truly enjoyed themselves gave their all to their masterpiece. Well done Grace, Lauren and Victoria!

>> Home

Client Brief: 8-year-old Phoebe lives a magical life secluded within the clouds and trees of her mountain home. Being home schooled, her family look for enriching relevant experiences like this. The brief was to inspire vibrant colours into the home’s space and tell a story to last the generations.

Our strategy: Sharron’s aerial scene’s composed of layers of birdlife, clouds and Phoebe’s hillside playground for tobogganing, watering, singing and dancing. Phoebe’s the hero, like Liberace dashing out a tune on her piano. Childhood’s an orchestration of colours, smells, sounds and memories; a symphony played once but captured here forever.

The outcome: “Dear Sharron, We just wanted to say a big thank you for such a fantastic day. Phoebe had a wonderful time and learnt so much! I also had a very relaxing and enjoyable day by your pool! Thank you for making Phoebe and I feel so welcome in your studio as well as the delicious food!”