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Queensland Health, Cooinda House. Themed spaces for Dementia

Aged Care and Dementia Murals

>> The Brief: Help the residents to remember their lives and feel more at home by creating themed spaces for dementia, specifically, the kitchen/dining space and the adjoining ‘nook’.

>> Our strategy: Community Spirit was the purpose of this work. Dementia patients benefit from reading, so signage and a blackboard for notices were included. A cafe scene full of curves to soften the space achieved an out and about in the community feeling.

Engagement in worthwhile activity helps reduce wandering. Sharron provided a list of mural specific props, i.e., baskets of bread (even plastic bread), serviettes, magazines, dried garlic, plastic salami or fruits hanging from the window cavity, new Red Orange placemats, brightly checked tablecloths and vases of flowers. When Queensland Health adds these, they’ll achieve their goals and free staff time.

>> The results: The friendly residents watched fascinated while Sharron created their themed spaces for dementia on-site. People with Dementia will talk about memories from their younger lives, so providing an engaging setting is the step in the right direction.

Story of Cooinda House Demengtia Murals installation by Sharron Tancred from Tailored Artworks