Giant hand-painted map of Australia for Queensland Thermo King

Terry Cubit said of his hand-painted map, ”When we commissioned the painting I wanted something that showed the unique qualities and diversity of our country. We have visitors from overseas as well as interstate.  So, it has been very gratifying to listen to their comments about the hand-painted maps layout and the different interests depicted in it. Many photos have been taken by our visitors, making it a very welcome addition to our reception area! Much much better than a laminated map of Australia.”

How is such a map created?  Decorative infographics for corporate foyers like this begin with a purposeful vision followed by much research.  In this case, Terry wanted his map to show Australia’s topography, landmarks, some history too and tourism destinations.  Additionally, all of QTK’s locations around the country.

hand painted maps as corporate portrait

Building upon a topographical map, adding the business locations using its logo and then images relevant to tourism, history and landmarks slowly creates the desired outcome.  Once approved, the map is projected onto the canvas, or wall, and painted in Resene or Atelier Interactive.  Because hand-painted maps are also works of art and decorative infographics for Corporate Foyers, style matters.  An energetic style, like this one, adds fun, colour and a degree of informality to your corporate foyer decor that helps visitors feel relaxed. See more hand-painted maps.

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