R & G Consulting, Sydney. Corporate art with Colour Psychology

Corporate Art Commissions

>> The brief: Steven wanted to reinforce their new Sydney offices corporate identity and décor using Corporate Art with Colour Psychology. He requested we convey positive Colour Psychology of his brand’s orange and white, and the waiting room’s green, and to design content that would support their pillar of values including teamwork, success, passion and determination, etc.

>> Our strategy: Sharron designed a striking, Picasso-styled musical performers theme with a strong emotional pull and literal reinforcement. While Green can present itself as supernatural, it is also very powerful when talking about success and money – as positive Colour Psychology.  On the other hand, black, silver, grey and chocolate contributed substantially to the power of these artworks as black, and its derivatives, convey the feelings of sophistication, control, determination, discipline and attitude. Also positive Colour Psychology for business.  Add to this, orange imbued grounding; creativity and gut instinct all necessary for success.

The reception’s oil painting ‘R & G Rocks’ features the band Queen, which appeals to a wide cross-section of age groups with its cool, sharp style differentiating R & G from other accountants. The waiting room’s small lounge and large wall balanced beautifully with ’24 Musicians’ equally spaced small canvases following the rule of always dressing the wall, not the lounge. Each features a single musician, their instrument and a supporting word derived from R & G’s pillar of values.

>> The results: The company’s board loved the powerful feel our Corporate Art with Colour Psychology gave them.

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