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>>The brief: A water themed home decor deserve an interior décor that brings the outside in! Terri decided her 1990’s waterfront property needed modern, elegant and funky water-themed artworks so she could retain her Edwardian dining furniture. She engaged Tailored Artworks for her cosmetic home renovation, Brisbane. 

>>Our strategy: Terri loved textures, so the plan was to modernize the foyer and dining room with three textures, but link their colours to her new kitchen with an abstract art splashback using our Real Art Splashback methodIn consultation, Terri worked with Sharron to design three custom artworks to be layered over Designer Feature Walls Interestingly, the result was a unique combination of SurfaceBrushed and pearlescent Matt Polish in Charcoal, Sage and a softening Dusky Pink hue.  Very sophisticated!  Uniting these textured colours and as a stripe in her dining room gave Terri her funky design finish! 

Foyer and DiningThe commissioned artwork for the foyer depicts a soft seascape scene of boats on Brisbane’s Cabbage Tree Creek.  After that, the artwork’s moody is reflected with the deep water like finish of Haymes Artisan Surface Gravity in Basalt Rock.  


Real Art Splashback: Terri requested a fluid artwork created with the Dutch pour method which involved working wet on wet to move paint around in an organic manner. This created a rough-smooth combination in her textured splashback artwork. The result was a beautiful swirling whirlpool of her décor colours, mimicking ocean waves with hints of shimmer! 

 The finished product is a waterfront home that is as beautiful inside as it is out.  This project will be finishing in early 2021 with the installation of her distinctive kitchen splashback. Tailored Artworks new shop, The Mural Shop has a complete range of water themed artworks we custom print as any of our 8 decorative building products.  Between Tailored Artworks and The Shop you have your cosmetic home renovation Brisbane well and truly covered.  Book and Art and Decor Planning Session now to start the process!

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The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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