Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks. Real art. Real texture.

The unique kitchen splashback idea that creates your conversation piece!

Whether a new build or renovation, Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks are custom designed with you to create a unique, architecturally and personally relevant conversation piece that, being art, won’t date. Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks deliver what other splashbacks cannot, real art combining real textures from paints and metallics with real shine: iron and rust, bronze and verdigris, copper and patina, gold and silver effect paints, glimmering 18-23 carat leaf or glamourous iridescent light effects for your kitchen’s defining statement.  You could also have beautifull art in charcoals’ neutral tones and textures easily updated with new accessories!

Lightfast, heat, water, mould, mildew, dust and pest resistant, your handpainted Real Art Kitchen Splashback by Sharron Tancred will unite your kitchen finishes, add value to your home and create your ultimate style statement!

Splashbacks under 200mm from the closest gas burner require 5mm toughened lo-iron and ultraclear Starfire Glass. Our recommended installer can help you or we supply QBCC Standards checked instructions for your installer of choice!  For Electric Hotplates less than 200mm away, please refer to the manufacturer’s installation specifications.  Splashback artwork quotes and glass estimations are given on thumbnail design at your location with an Art and Decor Planning Session or long distance.

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Artworks shown are serving suggestions. Majority of the kitchen photos are by Craftbuilt Kitchens



   1.  Design- make it relevant to you!

  • We design according to your taste and the rules of interior design and quote your artwork and any glass estimates.
  • If you are happy, pay 50% deposit and book our recommended / your installer.
  • You may plan your splashback installation before cabinetry for a seamless option, or after
    Special effects available:  Iridescent pearl | coloured pigments  | charcoal textures and metallic effects to unite your kitchen finishes like:
  • Black/White Iron and Rust effects
  • Copper and patina effects
  • Bronze and Verdigris effects
  • 18-24 carat gold and silver leaf

2. Splashback specifications for designing your kitchen 

The maximum size of artwork in one piece is 3M x 1.2M of BCG Durasheet or HardieFlex Fibre Cement Board available from Bunnings to be cut by your preferred installer/contractor to fit your cabinetry

A.  Smaller board sizes are available
B.  3-6M splashbacks use 2 boards  |  6-9M use 3 boards  | 9-12M use 4 boards.
C.  Match the boards’ crisp factory cut edges and glass splashback to join seams and align with line cabinetry or at 1/3rd intervals

3. Choosing board thickness and safety requirements

If combustible wall and nearest gas burner perimeter:
A. Exceeds 200mm, no glass is required. Plan for 6.5mm total thickness: 2mm tape + purchase 4.5mm thick board
B. is under 200ml, glass is required. Plan for 14.5mm total thickness: tape, 6mm board, silicon, and 5-6mm thick low-iron Starfire glass.
C. For Electric Hotplates less than 200mm away, refer to the manufacturer’s installation specifications to see if a glass is required Read More.

4. Our accuracy assured trimming and artwork process

A. After building the contractor check measures and confirms his quote
B. If a glass is required, he uses the glass as a template, cutting it and the power points out, then the board to match
C. The contractor applies a 10-15mm painted border to conceal artwork edges and add a matching finish
Note:  Paint pulldowns are available. A Resene plain or metallic colour is selected at Planning Session
D. He trims the board 5mm less than the glass perimeter hiding its edges, labels the board, delivers it to us and stores the glass
E. The artwork proceeds through 5 approvals to final payment and is delivered back to your contractor
Note:  Long distance jobs oversized finished artwork can be shipped to you for trimming to fit 
marked with instructions and we advise timeframe

5. Glass Installation Instructions

A.  Art is installed with an even pattern of silicon gel circles on the wall and then around the board
B.  The glass is positioned, suspended on blocks and fully siliconed in for full resistance
C.   Installer leaves to set and may later return to finalise the job or can leave the client to remove the tiny blocks and fill the 2 cavities

6. Cleaning instructions

Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks behind glass are easily cleaned with metho or any glass cleaning product.  Artworks without glass can be cleaned simply with warm soapy water due to having been twice sealed with Resene Concrete Clear 


Up until installation, your Real Art Kitchen Splashback is guaranteed to match your décor and be loved or we will amend it at no extra charge to you. According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA) this far exceeds what is legally required.

Tailored Artworks Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks are QBCC (Queensland, Australia) Legislative Compliance Approved.  Our instructions are a guide only with final details to be determined by your contractor or our preferred installer according to your kitchen’s structure.  Jobs exceeding $3300 (including art) require your installer to purchase Warranty Insurance with QBCC which covers anything untoward.

All Tailored Artworks paints and special effects are heat resistant up to 80 Degrees Celsius and are UV lightfast.

Tailored Artworks Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks have taken months of research, technical checking and planning. Not all processes are outlined here to protect our intellectual property.  All copyrights reserved (C) 2018


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