Redbank Plains Australian themed Artworks rescue small open plan design

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>> The brief: Rod and Leanne own a cleaning company and are busy, hard-working folk. They immigrated from the UK when their children were small, hoping to escape family and enjoy the hot weather, rich rainforests, rugged terrains and vast spaces of Australia. With a new kitchen installed, they loved the idea of art to inspire their open plan space, tell their story and create heirlooms for their kids.

>> Our strategy: Having chosen a frame from our select range, a Free Flow style, earthy colours and sizes to suit, this work was more about their story- without being too literal. Custom make art is perfect for this! Shapes representing adults, children, Ayers Rock, sea, lakes, shorelines, earth, rain and clouds express leaving the rain for the sun in the large right panel, the evolution of grandchildren in the central panel and retirement in the left panel.

>> The results: Sharron gave numerous d├ęcor tips to Leanne and Rod to help them improve their space and even researched a few items for the presentation process to show them the difference. Australian art by Sharron Tancred, made to fit a lounge room- Wow!

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