Redlands YMCA Thrive Tree Murals

YMCA Murals Brisbane

>>The brief:  Staff at the new YMCA School at Redlands were excited about moving into their new premises.  Director Shayne Williams contacted us following the success of our colour psychology for kids within our murals at North Lakes YMCA. He wanted his YMCA art project at Redlands to have hand-painted tree murals just as effective in their communication and calming outcome.  

>> Our strategy:  Each room’s teacher briefed us on their needs.  Sharron Tancred, who is a speaker for Latitude Group Travel, did a 30-minute talk with students on how to have a positive mindset for a creative career. Then, Sharron designed colour psychology murals for three classrooms featuring her Thrive Tree Murals that lift kids up.  For Redlands YMCA, we conveyed the Happy, Anxious, Chilled, Sad and Angry pathways in a Palm tree, a traditional Fig tree and a Grafitti Tree! In addition, for the community area, a whiteboard design of speech bubbles to allow kids to write their feelings.  

>>The outcome: As you can see, the trees and white board looked fantastic and the teachers were delighted.  As kids came into the space, there were loads of ooohs and ahhs.  However, Sharron added an extra touch of care at the end of each mural session. She carefully moved furniture and accessories around for a more calming atmosphere and taught the teachers how and why to maintain it.  Yep, another successful YMCA art project! 


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