Confirm your style on a large scale with a customised wall mural

Our unique wall murals are hand painted.  Our wall murals are hand painted, not spray painted, by Brisbane Customised Artwork Specialist Sharron Tancred. Hand painting a wall mural will ensure that we achieve a superior and classic ambience for your interior decor. We prefer hand painted murals as not everyone will tolerate spray paint or graffiti in their home.

Wall murals tailored to your architecture- Designing your mural to enhance your architectural style first, creates a Wow! Factor asset for your property. Considering your wall mural as a part of your architecture is vital because when you finally put your home on the market, it needs to work for others who will bring their interior decor.  Our wall murals will add value and point of difference to your home.

Our process to create your customised wall mural-  Your mural will be designed with you in your Art and Decor Planning Session, held at your location. We can design your mural with you at your Art and Decor Planning Session or, long distance. Unless you wish to fly Sharron to your location,  you can commission a local artist or community group to paint the design we have created and organised professionally for you.

Ensuring your mural lasts the years- Once you approve your design, it will be projected onto your wall, drafted in charcoal, and painted in high-quality Resene Paints sampled to match your colour scheme. We use Resene Multipurpose paints which are durable indoors and out.  We protect our hand painted wall murals with a low VOC (low harmful fumes) sealant and voila, a quality value add for your property!

Safe height murals- We limit our wall murals to ‘safe height’ interior or exterior walls unless safe scaffolding is supplied. For more hand painted wall murals, see Corporate wall murals, Murals for aged care and dementia and Themed Spaces

About our Art and Decor Planning Sessions


‘Blue Trees’

The brief – Marion was stuck. Her TV wall simply would not look good and, having heard Sharron Tancred’s talk on “How art works with the rules of Interior Design” at the Brisbane Home Show, she decided to engage our help with furniture placement and a mural.

Our strategy – TV walls are difficult due to furniture layout creating voids and the varying heights of TV s and consoles. They are impossible to dress, and even wallpaper will still leave you feeling like it still needs art. The solution is a hand painted mural. Here, we have placed tall tree trunks at varying distances from the viewer and painted them in a receding blue grey, all of which creates the illusion of height and depth. Formal groupings have been created instantly simply by looking at the furniture placement and working with it. Three wood pigeons pick up on interior colours and add the final touch.

The results – Marion spent the day painting with Sharron, learning much about art and saving a couple of hours costs. She loves the results her hand painted mural commission has created for her living room and can’t wait to show her friends.

‘Blackboys Mural’

Client Brief – Don and Lorraine’s architecturally designed canal front home at Mooloolaba is an impressive open-air spread graced with desert themed gardens inside and out. They knew the foyer, two bedrooms and the TV Wall being focal points needed attention. Don desired red and more neutrals; Lorraine, more colour! Both thought a canvas alone would fix the giant TV Wall… not so.

Our strategy – Because TV and TV cabinet configurations create difficult proportions, TV Walls are best treated as one big canvas for a stunning, balanced result. Sharron muted and saturated the home’s existing colour palette into two textural foyer artworks that she then connected stylistically to the 7m x 3.4m TV mural. Sharron painted the mural in Resene Metallics in such a way as to create a true work of art. She very unusually allowed the paint to dribble, short for far away, longer for the upper foreground clouds creating an upbeat style and the illusion of space. Metallic paints being translucent show any brush/sponge marks – a difficult aspect Sharron manipulated to its advantage with rope like marks resembling that of the lounge room’s rug.

The outcome – A balanced TV Wall and beautiful colour palette that delighted Don and Lorraine and a work of art that, through uniqueness and themes will increase the home’s value by it’s abundant Wow! factor. See Specialties, Theme for the other artworks.

‘Kerry’s Village Mural’

Client Brief – Kerry, who is slowly renovating her 1960s brick home, is a florist and loves different things. Kerry wanted a hand painted mural to complement her unusual two colour kitchen and inspire a new splash back.

Our strategy: Through consultation a French Quarter in Vietnam where Kerry once worked evolved as a relevant theme, while a contemporary classic line drawing style with bold spot colors added a touch of class and funk that met the brief.

The outcome: A terrific and unique result painted in just one day. Our Interior Designer, Sandra Dara from New Leaf Design Studios, can quickly help Kerry with her splash back, flooring and decor selection.

‘David’s Hideaway’

The brief– David, a builder from Murrumba Downs with 167 houses on the go, wanted his pool/media/games room to transform into a 1950’s Noosa-cum-Hawaii inspired space where he could picture himself surfing at the beach.

Our strategy –To Sharron, this space was about positioning the furniture under and inside of a cabana structure so David could look out to a soothing beachscape, a concept which has created depth and the illusion of a much larger space. The height of the sand bank for the TV wall’s ‘Pandana Mural’ has not only embedded the furniture down into it but de-emphasised the furniture, creating a cosy, intimate space. A natural colour palette has breathed freshness into the room while painting the mural over the blinds has completed the illusion.

The outcome – ‘Sharron I would like to thank you for the excellent job you have done in my pool room. Right from the outset you were very professional in everything you did and all of your ideas were very good. I would highly recommend Sharron and would have no hesitation in using her custom art service again. Once again thank you for the superb job you have done for me.’ David Roberts, DJ Roberts Construction