Personalised Artwork for Your Home that will fix, enhance or inspire it!

Define yourself and your family and improve your space with Personalised art

Your original artwork will be painted in Brisbane by artist, Sharron Tancred- not on a production line! Personalised artworks are guaranteed to match your space and be loved or we will amend them it at no extra cost to you.

Your Art and Decor Consultants- Tailored Artworks are a collaboration with us and Brisbane and Gold Coast Interior Designer Decorators who work together to harmonise your Interior Decor. We inspire one another and are in constant contact about your project, saving you the need to work with multiple suppliers. We start with art, because it inspires or defines your style and creates an instant focal point that balances your space.

Giving you beauty and meaning-  According to our clients, the fact their commissioned artwork is relevant to them and looks beautiful has meant its value has already increased.  A unique customised artwork tailored to your decor, is your chance to express your personality and tell your story. Your story may be about your family, dreams, favourite holidays or the love of your life and that’s what creates Home!

You are your art’s inspiration!  Your story is the inspiration for your unique original artwork, and the rules of Interior Decorating help construct your unique artworks design. Your artwork then inspires your decor or, if you have an existing decor, it will unite it and enhance it. Your tailored art will make your home feel warm and complete.

Defining your unique style-  You can commission original art of any style in practically any medium. You can suggest a style to your Customised Artwork Specialist, artist Sharron Tancred or she can develop one for you, even inspired by a famous artist.

Colour matched to perfection-  We sample your decor colours and tint, tone and shade them to give you more sophisticated results. Your colour scheme can be beautifully enhanced with glamorous effects like metallic hues and iridescent mediums, impasto textures, collage and foils. 

Improving your interior decor is about size, proportion and balance-  Glamour is achieved when you balance your decor with customised artworks made to its scale, architectural lines and your furniture’s proportions. Any framed canvas up 2m x 2.8m is possible!  Tailored art is about uniting existing colours, shapes and lines for peaceful results and choosing practical sizes for future placements should you move!

Hire an artist and interior decorator!- At your Art and Decor Planning Session, Sharron will assist you to improve your space with interior decor tips, lessons and a free colour wheel and lesson too. Don’t want to DIY? Sharron will brief one of our designer decorators for you so that we all have a cohesive vision and streamlined process for your interior decorating project. Read more at Art with Interior Design.

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Latest art commissions

>>The Gang Pet Portrait and Décor tips

Room before pet portraits Room before pet portraits

Diane’s brief:ex LNP Senator Jo and police officer Peter had built and decorated their dream home at Jimboomba, but stopped at the open plan kitchen dining area in search of a pet portrait of their nine beloved cats.

The strategy: At the Tailored Artworks Art and Décor Planning Session, Jo and Peter learned their style was Contemporary Classic Colonial. They corrected their space planning by changing the dining table’s direction and moving a low cupboard to create a focal wall. They also found it was best to hang the TV flat on an alternate wall and not angled in the corner, and realised that blue-violet was their accent colour! They also agreed to add a transitional style rug in naturals, black, white, and blue-violet to unite their colour palette, cut through sound, and add comfort. The final touch was for Sharron to design and produce a charcoal pet portrait using photos of the individual cats.

The results: “Thank you so much Sharron. We love ‘The Gang’. You have shown the cat’s personalities and what makes them so special. It looks great in our house and we’d like a portrait of our dogs to match next please. Absolutely fabulous!” Jo and Peter, Jimboomba

>> Under the sun

Diane’s brief: Diane was decorating her new riverside home in Brisbane’s Hawthorne but came to a worrying halt when she got to her kitchen. Nothing fitted above her stone benchtop because of the partial bulkhead there! She looked everywhere for a treasure that she could admire forever more to no avail until she found Sharron at the Brisbane Home Show. Fix my kitchen please, Sharron!

The strategy: Day of the planning session, Sharron kept looking at Diane’s adjoining living and dining room instead of her kitchen! What did Sharron see that Di did not? After learning that Di had taken her décor off style, theme and colour palette too by installing a bright orange – purple semi abstract Balinese artwork in the same space as her soft Plantation styled cushions and décor, Di now understood that she needed to define her style.

Looking through Sharron’s style book, she eventually realised that her style was not funky and Asian, but Plantation. Together, they designed “Under the Sun”, reflecting Di and Kevin’s love of flying and sailing away to Balinese holidays, sunsets over water and for a kitchen foody theme, her love of champagne, flowers, pineapple, prawns, lobster, lorikeets and even, their “pet” lizard.

The results: Di and Kevin decided to check their artwork in studio. At the door, Di stopped and let out a smile and a little sigh. She loved it. A week later, Kevin said that the artwork fitted beautifully and that all their visitirs commented on the beautiful difference that the artwork had created and how happy they were, having now solved, their decorating dilemma.

>> Ray of Sunshine

The brief: Korean immigrants, Ray and his young family were decorating their new nest in Kuraby, Australia; it was looking great with a funky-modern style, full of energy and joy, with lots of colour and pattern, lovely gardens and a pool! Ray loved to paint, but his well executed Aboriginal styled artwork for their open plan dining room, didn’t create the results he dreamed of; he decided to seek help and find the answer.

The strategy: Decorating is about connections and it’s secret is to balance metals, shapes, colours and textures around your space. All Ray had to do, was move his artwork to above his lounge console to unite the metal screen there, and hang Sharron’s new artwork, inspired by Ray’s funky cushions, timbers, circles and square shapes and his décor’s cool hues to bring the pool in. Story created a more loving feeling: the families love of the beach, playing together, the wildlife and their respect for nature and cleanliness. It’s what living in Queensland is all about!

The results: Sharron called Ray the following week as always to ensure that she’d met her guarantee to Ray. He loved it! My family keeps asking, “How did she do that?”, “We love this!” or “We love that!” said Ray, who had already decided to commission a couple more small pieces down the track. Good on you Ray! Personalise and style your home to your hearts content.

>> ‘Edge of Time’

The brief: Couple, Tracy and Ruth, are feathering their colourful nest at Wavell Heights. From their fragrant herb gardens to retro funk décor, it is every bit a fun and loving home. The abstract above the lounge, though, wasn’t filling the large wall nor expressing their personalities and lifestyle, so they asked Sharron to do one better!

Our strategy: No. 1 tip: In decorating amongst many small shapes, a large shape will balance it and add contrast. No. 2 tip: In narrow spaces like this, a large artwork with perspective applied through design and colour will create more space. No.3 tip: In smaller spaces, it is not the size of the artwork, but the lighter colours and smaller shapes within it that prevent the work from crowding the space.

The results: “We just wanted to say that the whole experience has been wonderful, from the beginning to the end and that with the final hanging we were delighted beyond doubt. “Edge of Time” compliments the room and our house and is a mirror of our bright life for years to come. Many thanks Sharron!” Tracy and Ruth, Wavell Heights

>>‘Light of Heart’

The brief: Natasha and Joe, a surgeon, moved their young family from South Africa to Brisbane looking for new opportunities. While the couple’s old life has not faded from memory, the children, now teenage girls are all Australian. Natasha wanted to replace the existing pseudo-Renaissance artwork with one that full of symbolism expressing their story, their religious beliefs and the joys found with them and their family life.

Our strategy:  The furniture layout, existing blue lights and wall mounted air conditioner posed balance issues for another large artwork as it would still look off centre to the furniture layout. The solution? Sharron designed a diptych! Two piece artworks will often link lines and shapes i.e. lounge suite and tub chairs, to the canvases. Taking away the sconces, meant that the artworks could be hung centred on the wall to better balance the space. At their appointment, a champagne speckled frame was chosen to link to the present metallic features as were colours based on Natasha’s love of rich, luxuriant hues while a new charcoal feature wall colour, has created intimacy, depth, and contrast.

Art is often highly symbolic, and tailored art is no different. Symbols followed for Africa: Boerewors Sausage, Lion, and Table Mountain, for Australia: Billabongs, Jacarandas and the Southern Cross, and for Faith: the Cross, Menorah, Bible, Fire and for Family: the Pet in a suitcase symbolising moving and Portraits.

The results: The girls will inherit one artwork each, making the artworks beautiful, relevant heirlooms and a happy client who is in love with them and how they make her feel. Natasha said, “I love them! I absolutely love them and the rich colours are exactly what I love! Thank you so much for suggesting the charcoal wall; it’s created the perfect feel for our family.”

>> ‘Peace of Burleigh’

The brief: Helen and Rob booked an appointment at Home Show to create an artwork for above their bed that would portray their favourite place, Burleigh Beach and its rock pools.

Our strategy: At their appointment, Helen and Rob revealed that they thought an artwork between the bed and above window would work, but a new plan convinced them otherwise as filling the void would have created a tower of vertical lines too bulky for above a bed.

A larger artwork replacing the small print, painted in pastels sampled from the existing bed linen and the tall boy and in a textured style Rob liked, instead would balance the space and provide a window to their dream place… every day! Frame and scale chosen, the design stage bought out an artwork full of relevance to the couple – boats, an early sunset, Pandanas, lots of rocks, themselves and their grandkids too!

The results: “Hi Sharron, thanks for the painting. It is BIG, but as a window into our space, where we love to be. My kids think the concept is terrific, and the grandkids think it’s great that they are actually in it! But we were a little disappointed in a couple of things. The painting being so true to life – you got those rocks right – I keep expecting to go to sleep listening to the waves, but nothing – no splashes even – not a flipping ripple -only silence – did you use cheap paint? Also every morning I look, as I get out of bed, and the tide is always out!!! Did we miss something in our many discussions? Or was it the paint? Hee Hee Hee! It’s hard – but your painting helps us glow. And, your suggestion of the new wall colour fit in with our light and bright renovations beautifully. Thank you!” Regards, Robin & Helen

>> ‘The Sum Of Us‘

Client brief: Kim and Russell don’t do decorating, they are into family and trips to Kingscliff and Pottsville which is just gorgeous! They are into rustic style though and did have a problematic bulkhead that no art seemed to fit. Usual story!

Our strategy: Image depicts theme, i.e., fruit is perfect for a dining room, because it is the right topic for the room’s purpose. The emu is rustic themed, but not styled – it is contemporary styled, and too small, obviously. Rustic style uses natural colours found in natural materials like brick, slate, slump glass, plants, natural weaves, stack stone, water, etc. The style suits texture another reason why the emu failed. Textures will warm your space and make it homely. If you love rustic, then choose art that depicts nature in a roughened style. Here Sharron is painted in thick oils mixed with calcite powder that she’s drawn into for added texture.

The results: “Hi Sharron, thank you for our excellent artwork and for the tremendous help you gave us to develop our personalised family story which brought this artwork to life. We wanted our artwork to be a testimony to some of our family memories, and this wish we accomplished.

The consultative approach you provided was a great eye-opener, not only for the artwork but also for the styling and colours of our other living areas. We embraced the colour schemes you advised, and they brought harmony to our space. We look forward to showing off our new painting and refurbished living areas over a dinner party with friends very soon!” Best regards, Russell and Kim, Bracken Ridge