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Glass Resin Glass Coating

Our Glass Coating service is in Brisbane. Glass Coating is a two pack resin which adds an incredibly high gloss finish and thick protective coating to canvas artworks.

After careful preparation, the effect is like seeing your art through ultra gloss, crystal clear water. The resin reflects light within its depths refining and enriching artwork. Glass Coat resin renders paintwork imbued with iridescence and white paint, appear to look like marble. When poured on, Glass Coat resin further enhances the look of a handmade artwork with natural imperfections which can be as smooth or as full of bubbles as we desire.

Glass Coating is suitable for:

  • Sports/modern art
  • Collages: it can be poured overall or dribbled
  • Old artworks – see them come alive!
  • Suitable fashion, cars, animal, abstract, oriental and action scenes
  • Artworks for children’s spaces

How long does it last and how do you clean it?

Glass Coat will last the life of the canvas. The resin will not yellow unless your artwork is placed in a sunlit situation. And it’s super easy to clean. All you need to remove dust or any other surface debris is a soft rag and Methylated Spirits, and simply wipe over gently.

How long does it take?

  • Our quotes on completely covered artworks allow up to 3 coats at a coat per day
  • Glass Coating takes approximately 1 – 5 days

To get your artwork Glass Coated simply phone us on 07 3491 6400.

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