Sandgate Pest Control. Corporate Foyer Portrait and Renovation

Need to renovate your corporate decor?  A budget-wise cosmetic renovation using corporate art and Colour Psychology expresses more than a thousand words!

>>The brief: Luke Howarth (LNP Member for Petrie) decided that the family business’ corporate decor needed a renovation and that he would fix it with a commemorate portrait!  

>>Our strategy: Art can say so much about your business. The Colour Psychology of blues and greens suggests that Sandgate Pest Control cares for the environment and is trustworthy. Building on this, trust and a sense of humour are conveyed with Luke’s father looking to his companies future as a knight in shining armour! 

Corporate art is a great way to present your logo, tell a story and speak to your market. The knights’ shield and its logo say old-fashioned service with customers represented by homes and city buildings. The Colour Psychology of Yellow Orange in rays of golden light suggests happiness and optimism. 

Lastly, the business decor itself received its budget-conscious update. You can change the look of a space without a complete wall re-clad doing a cosmetic renovation i.e. using paint or wallpaper. 

Therefore a metallic grey wallpaper, fitted within the existing d-mold sections saved costs.  Grey in Colour Psychology soothes shattered nerves and allows one to overcome stress and move on. The combination of Corporate Artwork, Colour Psychology and Interior Decorating provided a soothing, contemporary environment with an instant message to staff and visitors.

>>The results: The staff loved their calm new environment, and Luke’s father was delighted with his son’s commemorative portrait of him, which was unveiled at a launch party. 

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