Six Ways Your Home Decor Can Feel More Loving


We all want to feel at ease within our homes, and proud to welcome guests. Your home is where you show that you love and are loved, but bar surrounding yourself with hundreds of photos—a trend now well out of date in interior decorating—what tactics can you use to express love? Here are my top six tips to help your home décor feel more loving:

And I don’t mean love hearts! In decorating, circles and curves imbue a relaxed and casual feel when compared to formal straight lines or restful horizontal lines. A blend is best—include curvaceous shapes and a few circles, but don’t overdo them or you’ll risk creating a busy space. Florals, circular geometrics, rounded leaves, and soft textured rounded cushions will all help to create a more casual, feminine, soft, and natural feel.
Asymmetrically-balanced spaces have a more informal, loving aesthetic than symmetrically-balanced spaces—that is, a space with the same two items balanced either side of a focal point. For instance, on either side of your master bed, arrange a grouping of three to five items one side, and three to five different items on the other side, but unite them by using the same style or colours to create togetherness, unity, and a feeling of love.
Did you know that the most loving colour on our planet is green? It’s the colour of growth, forgiveness, giving (of time and money), love of the earth, humanity, and animals. The traditional colours of love can have different effects when applied to the home—pink, while sweet, is used to give little girls more energy, while red expresses business, action, male energy, and sex drive. Use green instead to create a loving décor and invite the outside in. It makes your space seem bigger and connected with nature. If you prefer, use green as your base colour with a myriad of other playful, rich jewel hues to create a fun, upbeat, warm and loving décor, as I’ve done in my own home.
The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui teaches us to display pairs of images, never just one, in master bedrooms. Photos or art of two people, two matching sculptures, or two lamps are the general idea. Never have anything bulky or heavy-looking above your bed, or mirrors pointing straight out the door. Pairs do create a more formal balance, but in the bedroom, which is typically symmetrically-balanced anyway, it will feel ordered and loving.
Imagery relevant to your dreams, goals, history, and loves, expresses who and what you are. It also helps to reinforce your décor style and colour palette. If you are starting from scratch, begin with your imagery and take its colours, style and theme into the rest of your décor.
1. ART
Art is the easiest way to unite and express all of the above in a single “wow factor” focal point that defines you and helps you to create a loving atmosphere. Did you know that in decorating, it’s easier to start with art and expand its’ colours, style and theme to the rest of your decor? This creates a great decor with soul! Soul: humanity, emotion, mood, mystery, a story of who you are, your goals… a story that can be, I believe, all about your home your kids, loves and desires. Wallpaper, feature walls, furniture and lights will support this, but they can’t give Soul to your space, your art does.

To warm your space and create luxuriousness, add texture. It’s why all white or all glossy interiors feel so cold; there’s no earth, no humanity to them. The more natural the texture i.e. stone, slumped glass, pebble, terracotta etc, the more loving your décor will feel. Bring those textures into your artwork with ground pigments and impastos so you can see it from every vantage point to achieve a focal point that, tailored to your decor, will create your dream home.

A loving atmosphere isn’t hard to create. Clutter doesn’t create homeliness, nor do those now out-of-date word cutouts, cutesy photos, or even a scattering of pink hearts. Using classic décor rules and cues conveys that classy, warm and peaceful ambience you want and deserve.

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