Slacks Creek – Tuscan Styled Home Renovation

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Tuscan style Mood board featuring built in art assets  

The brief:  Mick and Liz are busy running 8 companies work from home.  They love their Slacks Creek home and its setting, preferring to renovate it rather than move.  Mick needs a larger office. They want a new rumpus for their family. The interior spaces feel cramped and awkward after their last renovation using a bathroom company to make home design decisions turned out to be a disaster.  Micks’ childhood home had hand-painted murals, art and atmosphere and so they invited Sharron to give them ideas to create an authentic Tuscan home renovation.

Tuscan home renovation colour mood board

Our strategy:  Sharron has built, renovated and decorated homes and designed gardens her entire adult life; she’s a visualiser, planner, doer and, well connected in the design industry.  With our new range of Built-in Art Assets in mind as the end finishes, Sharron has re-designed the Davies A-frame home to open it up, make use of the views, create a cohesive Tuscan style throughout and improve the flow with new stairwells, a new upstairs office, rumpus and gym, connecting balconies, garage and laundry, kitchen and bathroom.

Slacks creek home makeover plans


The results: The mood board with our Tuscan home renovation ideas presented here were accepted by our clients in late 2019. The plans have progressed via our building designers, Urban Design Solutions.  Early 20202, our client signed off on the architect’s contract, the engineers are doing their job and formal design begun.  Then COVID-19 caused massive delays, but, we are all onto it again.  Both our clients and the architects love the novelty of a Tuscan home renovation style, made possible, by art. Art is style after all!

Modern Tuscan style Mood Board

The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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