Clayfield. Spot da Dog and decor in Industrial-Classic style

Private Art Commissions

original foyer artwork for tudor style home

>> The brief: Create the art and decor for a Tudor Styled home renovation!  Jim and Louise’s beautiful Tudor style home at Clayfield was recently renovated to keep the bones of its classic character a mixture of industrial, classic and modern, with a white on white and black accent colour scheme. Their new and sleek, ultra-modern kitchen is at the centre of the home. The home’s foyer artwork design, however, wasn’t quite creating the Kapow they hoped for, and so they enlisted artist Sharron Tancred to throw the punches!

Industrial classic style kitchen

>> Our strategy: ‘Spot Da Dog’ is Picasso styled foyer art design to add the colour, fun, and funk to the existing industrial classic style. The industrial style comes from the large polished nickel pendant lights; classic from the Tudor finishes of original trims, geometric lead windows and chandeliers and funk from the art’s quirkiness. It is also a relevant portrait of the family home and it is mischievous pets!

Spot-Da-Dog, foyer artwork design by Sharron Tancred

Home and pet portrait by Tailored Artworks and Interior Decor by Touches Interiors

Spot-Da-Dog, foyer artwork design by Sharron Tancred detail shot Spot-Da-Dog, foyer artwork design by Sharron Tancred detail shot Two Dalmatians looking out of the window of their Tudor style home

An additional service available to clients at appointment is a detailed briefing by Sharron to any of our interior designers, architects and painters, etc. Designers are always looking for inspiration, and art is it!  Carmel Reggi from Touches Interiors got the job to combine all the styles in the décor to unify the home: classic elegance in wallpaper and curtains, industrial touches through modern furniture, and more funk with colour, texture and patterns.

Spot-Da-Dog, foyer artwork design by Sharron Tancred

>> The results: “After seeing some of Sharron’s work at the Brisbane Home Show Jim and I both felt we must have a piece of her art! The enjoyment of meeting with such a vibrant artist who asked questions about what appealed to us and why we were attracted to her work convinced us Sharron was the one to create our home’s WOW factor.

Sharrons exquisite colour, passionate energy, committed detailing and fabulous sense of humour encapsulated our home and darling, sometimes mischievous Dalmatians.  We are totally thrilled with the outcome of our masterpiece “Spot Da Dog.” Jim and Louise, Clayfield

The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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