Kath and Sharron giggle through Eternity

Private Art Workshops


>> The brief: Lovely Katherine, like so many, she’d never indulged herself in buying an art treasure, but the temptation of working with Sharron was just too much! Katherine has had a hard time the last few years and asked for subject matter that focused on their families future, about where they’d live and what they’d do.

>> Our strategy: Another mind mapping technique and 15 minutes later, success! ‘Sunshine in Eternity’ is about their dream home location, Kat’s yacht upbringing, David’s penchant for making billy tea, their love for one another, and their teenagers’ independence – Sharron excelled herself!

On the day, like all our adult clients, Kat was nervous. No one ever wrecks an artwork when painting alongside Sharron so fear not! Sharron discovered that Kat relaxed more by choosing her music from the studio’s collection. They chatted about life, love and loss while Sharron patiently encouraged Kat that she too could grasp something new … and she did.

>> The results: Wow! This artwork was painted as a surprise for Kat’s husband and didn’t he just love it! The rustic theme reinforces the antique hall stand, the contemporary colours and style suit and balances the room’s modern elements. That’s art styling at its best, folks.

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