Table Mountain Picnic. A family art class!

Private Art Commissions

>> The brief:  There is no greater joy than spending time with your loved ones.  Indeed, time is fleeting. Yet souvenirs can be made to attach these memories to. That is exactly what is happening when you create something together in a family art class.  The object becomes not only a reference to shared memories but also a recollection itself of the creation process conducted in the private art class. That is what made Sandy’s painting workshop birthday activity so special after booking in for Brisbane painting lessons with her two kids.   

>> Our strategy:  A the private art class appointment, Sandy’s list of key words created her vision: a sunset beach scene overlooking Table Mountain, in South Africa.  Sandy’s beloved home-town. Battling cancer at the time, Sandy felt this family art class would create a family heirloom. So, it’s emotional significance can’t be understated.  Surrounded by bluebells, hibiscus, hydrangeas and silver birch tree, relevant to her Mum, Sandy’s children play with their dogs while the campfire promises a great night ahead!   

>> The outcome: Sharron’s role in the painting workshop was to guide and demonstrate the family through this collaborative journey of painting. But, it is the elements of this artwork and that fact that it was painted in unison with her children, that will remain in Sandy’s heart, and at the heart of her home.   

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