Teneriffe apartment decor de-cluttered with just one artwork

Private Art Commissions

>> The brief: Cheryl and Richard’s luxury riverside apartment was full of artworks, furniture and accessories both modern and classical. Cheryl was unhappy with the traditional landscape she’d placed over the lounge, but finding a new artwork to fit it and compliment the existing abstract was just too hard. And what style should she get?

>> Our strategy: Many clients choose an eclectic style thinking it’s easy. Not so! It requires a regimented colour palette, and not all styles mesh. The theme helps, in this case, 20th Century art reinforced by Picasso style vases and accessories. Larger proportions better balance open plan spaces like this while unified lines create harmony as shown with the new canvas extending to the sides of the lounge itself, created a grouping. ‘Sunset Waters’ has been painted in the same colours as the abstract. Horizontal lines have reinforced the nautical theme and a restful feeling which suited Richard’s preferences. Lastly, light, painted as if coming from the verandah – has created a naturally beautiful ambience. Ahhhh!

>> The results: ‘Sharron has an amazing imagination and vision, and she is a delightful person to work with!’ Cheryl and Richard

The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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