Terms & Condition

Thank you for considering Tailored Artworks Pty Ltd (TA) for your art and decor needs.  We would like you to understand how we work.

Art and Décor Planning Session, Deposit and Supplier Terms:   Upon approval of your artwork inclusive of any TA Suppliers prices, you will be asked for a 50% deposit, the final residual of which is due before artwork delivery and/or installation by our suppliers including Professional Art Hanging, Glass Splashback Installation, supply of Mosaic Tiles or Printing etc., to cover Tailored Artworks suppliers costs to us.  All supplier prices are confirmed with you following their purchase order/site check or suppliers’ written confirmation.

Any pre-booked Session Fees previously paid to TA are non-refundable and will be deducted from any artwork refunds. Artwork deposits may be refunded in part or credited to other TA jobs less any expenses incurred including any and all job handling, materials, suppliers fees, travel, etc.
Projects do not commence without a signed agreement and/or your deposit paid.

Approvals and changes terms:  You will have several opportunities for minor changes. We will superimpose your arts’ design onto your wall in Photoshop so you can approve it at up to 5 (five) stages: thumbnail, digital draft, styling, halfway and final art stages. Excessive hours outside of the quotation required to complete your job to yours or our standard will be billed at the hourly rate quoted on your invoice.  Likewise, your changes beyond your initial brief or alterations different to any approved photograph/s supplied may result in a re-quotation of the project for its redesign, research, etc. Any additional fees incurred by your changes will be invoiced. Art Hanging, Real Art Glass Splashback Installer and Mosaic p/m2 fees may change pending final scale/site inspections. Naturally, we quote as carefully as is possible at your Planning Session.

Glass Coat Resin:  Please note that Glass Coat resin is not Glass, but an organic effect (2 pack poured resin) and can include dust/hair/bubbles/ridges/edge beading, etc. We allow three coats in your quote but cannot guarantee perfection.

Copyright and Image Release:  TA owns Copyright in all of the artworks. TA reserves the right as creator and owner of all intellectual property, under the Australian Intellectual Property Laws including the Copyright Act to use any artworks for reproduction including onto other products like clothing, building and homeware products like scarves, glass, tables, mosaic, wallpaper etc and for wholesale or retail sale and/or promotion on our website, brochures, albums, DVD’s and exhibition presentations.  TA agrees not to reproduce artworks as Framed Giclee Wall Art Prints so that your artwork remains unique to you.  You may not use your art for commercial mass production unless we permit you to do so via the purchase of a Licencing Agreement and/or payment of royalties.

Images of children:  We request the right to show appropriate pictures of children relating to artworks, private sessions, and portraits. Photos of children under the age of 14 are taken with your knowledge for use in our marketing and/or on our website to promote art and tell stories relating to your art’s creation with all due caution and respect.

Payments and commissions paid to Interior Designers: TA has sourced Interior Designer Decorators for you who can legally manage and alter your kitchen/bathroom/walls and interior decors. TA Charges 1 hour to brief the Designers on your behalf to save time duplicating conversations and avoid confusion. Designers pay TA a 10% commission out of their hours invoiced you. Likewise, TA Pays designers a 10% commission for referrals out of the painting time invoiced. No commissions are added onto your invoice but are paid at our expense to one another as industry courtesies.

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