”Í could write an epic novel, not just a few short lines, to convey how much your gift as an artist, your professionalism and understanding of Corporate Entities have meant to us.  It was such a huge leap of faith and trust for us, and you have delivered the results on time, every time.  Thank you will never seem enough!

If you are searching for the “perfect piece of art” to compliment your Boardroom/Corporate Environment, then look no further than Sharron Tancred.  From our own experience, there is nothing else that will compare to owning a commissioned piece of Corporate Art, by Sharron, to truly reflect your Corporate Branding, Corporate Values,  Decor.  Whatever it is that you want to convey.

Sharron is skilled, as an artist, but more importantly, as an excellent communicator.  She is able to ask the right questions and listen to you. She encourages and enables you to communicate the message that you want to express with your Art.  Effectively, Sharron will tap into your Corporate Heart and Soul and translate it onto canvas for you.  We are all delighted and extremely proud of the three exquisite pieces of Art that Sharron has created to express all of this and so much more for our business!  We are advocates, not clients, and you will be too.”

Ellerfield Accounting, Mt Gravatt

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