How Designers can use Bathroom Finishes to create the illusion of space!


Bathroom Finishes and Bathroom Design is big business.  Boutique Home Builders, Architects, Building Designers and Interior Designers, appreciate that bathroom design makes up 61% compared to 56% kitchens within the home renovation market. While some Bathroom Finishes explore the glamour of dark tiles, safety in light colours prevails largely due to client beliefs that light surfaces appear larger in smaller spaces.  Nevertheless, clients also want different. However, this is according to their taste or comfort zone. Add to this, Bathroom Finishes need to enhance the home’s architectural style and create a soothing oasis for long, restful baths and singing in showers!  So, how can Bathroom Design exude warmth, a sense of space and relevance? Moreover, how can builders and bathroom designers create distinction for themselves?

Japanese style tile mural above modern bath 

Today, UV print technology allows us to print large format on substrates up to 248 x 129 x 10cms thick. It is exciting that we can print directly onto tiles, glass, fibre cement board, metal alloy, timber and stone benchtops!

Furthermore, UV print technology can be 3D. These undulating layers of ink up to 3mm thick allow us to replicate real textures.  Hence, real looking Art inspired Bathroom Finishes are possible. Yes, Art! Art provides distinction, warmth, personality and the illusion of space through its language of perspective. Let’s explore why!

For example, a strip ot Art with a strong sense of perspective leads the eye into an-otherworldly space. Use this to enhance plain tiles! Similarly, Tile Murals and Tile Mural Strips create a theme relevant to the home’s architecture and landscape.  At the same time, Tile Murals make Bathroom Design feel larger again if they feature the receding colours of white, green, yellow, blue-violet and black.


Add to this, shape.  Large shapes balance any clutter in a small Bathroom Design.  Simultaneously Art’s line, which creates depth perception, can seamlessly unite cabinetry layout and imbued a peaceful sanctuary. Put it all together, and Art printed on large tiles creates a neat focal point exuding space, theme and point of difference!

Furthermore, designers can coordinate tile borders to intersect Tile Murals and Vertical Tile Feature Strips. Luxurious Bathroom Designs indeed!

Finally, beautiful Art consists of light and shadow, which again, creates depth. Architects and Building Designers who position a Tile Mural’s light to that of the bathroom’s natural light source will construct a natural ambience. Moreover, a resort-style bathing experience!

In conclusion, as Designers ponder ways to create the illusions of space within small bathrooms, perhaps it is the old concept of Art, and the new technology of triple laminated 3D printing, that is the answer.  For the client, Tile Murals and Vertical Tile Feature Strips allow them to communicate their taste right from the start of their Bathroom Design process. Best of all, Builders and Designers can reap the rewards at the awards!

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