The art of making small bathrooms feel bigger!

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Bathroom renovations compare at 61% to 56% kitchen renovations.  While some home renovators will brave darker tiles, safe neutrals prevail for most small bathrooms as it’s believed that light neutrals create the illusion of space. But, at what cost to the impact of your home when you later try to sell it in comparison to the market?  How can you have your neutrals and create the illusion of more space as well as a point of difference?

You want bathroom tiles to enhance your architectural style but did you know that you can also express a theme to imbue relevance and warmth? At Tailored Artworks, we have created 3 products for bathrooms!  Tile Murals. Art into Mosaic and Verticle Tile Feature Strips.  These will also become available online with our new Mural Shop.

Why would a tile art make a bathroom feel larger?

Artwork with perspective leads the eye into an-otherworldly space, creates a dreamier atmosphere and point of difference in comparison to plain tiles.  Tile art creates a theme and the chance to include colour accents that recede, i.e. whites, greens, yellows, blue-violets and blacks for the illusion of space.

Shape is important in small spaces.  Too many small shapes will appear overwhelming in small spaces. The beauty of art is that art with large shapes and lines indicate a perspective.  Similarly using small tiles that create too many grout lines will make a bathroom appear even smaller!  So, larger tiles and imagery that recedes make a small bathroom feel larger.

Artwork with line leads the eye deeper into the space and aligns it with the physical structures. Indeed choosing the right tile art for your bathroom will create a peaceful sanctuary in which to soak and refresh. The beauty of Tile Murals is that panels of artwork can also be intersected by gorgeous tile borders, which can be custom printed or sourced, to lead the eye and create connections within the bathroom.

Artwork typically has a sense of light too! In custom jobs, light can be positioned to suit the space’s actual light source so that the art fits into the bathroom’s natural ambience ro become a beautiful experience.


UV printing technology is allowing us to print large format art onto any stiff substrate up to 2480 x 1290 x 100mms thick. UV technology can print directly onto tiles, glass, fibre cement board, galvo and even stone and timber bench tops!  Once laminated the surface is incredibly durable.  Artwork can be flat or even texture printed up to 3mm thick to replicate the appearance of real paint effects.



Art into Mosaic is another tile art idea for your bathroom renovation that is worth considering.   For some bathrooms, the old fashioned mosaic style may suit but in contrast Art into Mosaic is a more graphic and modern style that uses technology for much faster output. 

Neat, modern mosaic tiles come in 57 colours of 9mm square real tile that will endure the harshest treatment. This is a product that’s fabulous for complicated spaces because the mosaic mesh can flexibly cover all surface angles such as spas. Juxtapose the detail with large tiles for effect. It’s a simple process too.   



So, consider a Tile Mural or Art into Mosaic to make your small bathroom feel larger and differentiate it on the property market. You can achieve a point of difference with a magical theme relative to the home’s location, landscape and architecture.

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