North Lakes. Val Eco Homes art as signage!

Corporate Art Commissions

>>The brief: Repeat business clients Val Eco Homes Pty Ltd recently moved into their new corporate offices and showroom and wanted something contemporary, fun and creative, but still incorporate their corporate image. They wanted art as signage!

>>Our strategy: Inspired by their architecture, Sharron painted a triptych for the large stairwell wall that added colour and vibe. The artwork commissioned for the top of stairs had to feature their company logo – art as signage is also about branding after all! Here, Sharron added looseness and movement, with some texture for a young vibe.

For the showroom, Sharron focused on using metallic gold acrylic paint that toned in beautifully with Val Eco Home’s yellow-green logo and conveyed optimism and abundance. For the final ‘Wow’ factor, we Glass Coated all five (5) large canvases.

>>The results: These artworks conveyed everything our clients wanted them to – contemporary, fun, energy, uniqueness, but more importantly, relevance!  If you need signage for your interior decor, consider art as signage and say a whole lot more!

architecture painting by Sharron Tancred
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