Sharron and Rosie in front of waterfall mural

Trees and Waterfall Mural Outdoor Art in Haymes Artisan Textures


>> The brief:  Lona and her husband at Holland Park were doing a largely DIY complete home renovation indoors and out, including backyard landscaping.  The view from the kitchen window at the rear of the home looked out onto a 2-meter high bessar block wall.  Desiring colourful hand-painted wall art for outside instead, Lona decided to research artists.  Nearing the point of giving up, our unique offering of a mural featuring the natural textures of the Haymes Artisan Collection appealed to Lona.

>> Our strategy:  On a budget, at first we designed a very simple waterfall mural inspired by the proposed plantings above the wall.  However, Lona wanted more design and way more colour!  So, her two-day hand-painted wall art for outside project became three days, and Lona blew her budget- but at close of the third day, raved at the results.  

>> The outcome:  Watch our video to see the big smiling face on Lona. She was so happy.  If you need hand-painted outdoor art for your bessar block wall in Brisbane, call us to design your waterfall mural or something else! book now online.


The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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