Sharron and Rosie in front of waterfall mural

Trees and Waterfall Outdoor Art in Haymes Artisan Textures


>> The brief:  Lona and her husband at Holland Park were doing a largely DIY complete home renovation indoors and out, including back yard landscaping.  The view from the kitchen window at the rear of the home looked out onto a 2-meter high bessar block wall.  Desiring a colourful view instead, Lona decided to research artists.  Nearing the point of giving up, our unique offering of a mural featuring the natural textures of the Haymes Artisan Collection appealed to Lona.

rust and plants close up

>> Our strategy:  On a budget, at first we designed a very simple mural inspired by the proposed plantings above the wall.  However, Lona wanted more design and way more colour!  So, her two-day installation became three days, and Lona blew her budget- but at close of the third day, raved at the results.

bird, sun and copper patina waterfall

>> The outcome:  Watch our video to see the big smiling face on Lona. She was so happy.  If you need an outdoor mural for your bessar block wall in Brisbane, call us or book now online.

outdoor mural

The story of 10-year-old-Aemon's personal art class for kids with Brisbane artist Sharron Tancred
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