>> The brief: Debbie and Alex have been using a complimentary palette, full of natural textures to decorate their home with items from their travels, but the large hallway wall stood bare. The couple determined that art, personal to them and painted in the Dali style at a Private Art Workshop would complete the living area.

>> Our strategy: At appointment Sharron’s mind mapping technique and Alex’s perception of what it unravelled gave expression to an embrace of 2 people as Sea and Earth, at one with the other, separate but together for all eternity, how beautiful! Debbie’s Private Adult Workshop taught her how to create smooth vignettes, blend hues from light to dark, visualise so as to paint quickly through the subconscious, and to perceive contrast from a distance.

>> The results: “Dear Sharron, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of doing a Private Workshop with you and painting our special piece of art for our new home. Your professionalism and patience were appreciated. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for that something special – do yourself a favour and invest in a Tailored Artwork! Sharron, I’m Looking forward to doing another one next year.” Debbie and Alex

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