Hawthorne Tropical Styled Kitchen Art Design

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>> The brief: Diane was decorating her new riverside home in Brisbane’s Hawthorne but came to a worrying halt when she got to her kitchen. Nothing fitted above her stone benchtop because of the partial bulkhead there! She looked everywhere for a treasure that she could admire forever more to no avail until she found Sharron at the Brisbane Home Show. Fix my kitchen please, Sharron!

>> The strategy: Day of the planning session, Sharron kept looking at Diane’s adjoining living and dining room instead of her kitchen! What did Sharron see that Di did not? After learning that Di had taken her décor off style, theme and colour palette too by installing a bright orange – purple semi abstract Balinese artwork in the same space as her soft Plantation styled cushions and décor, Di now understood that she needed to define her style.

Looking through Sharron’s style book, she eventually realised that her style was not funky and Asian, but Plantation. Together, they designed “Under the Sun”, reflecting Di and Kevin’s love of flying and sailing away to Balinese holidays, sunsets over water and for a kitchen foody theme, her love of champagne, flowers, pineapple, prawns, lobster, lorikeets and even, their “pet” lizard.

>> The results: Di and Kevin decided to check their artwork in studio. At the door, Di stopped and let out a smile and a little sigh. She loved it. A week later, Kevin said that the artwork fitted beautifully and that all their visitirs commented on the beautiful difference that the artwork had created and how happy they were, having now solved, their decorating dilemma.

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