Unique Living Room Tips from a Customised Artwork Specialist!


When you have large open plan spaces in your home that lack style, colour or design features thanks to great expanses of wall, so common in architecture these days, I am one of those designers who can solve the problem, with just one thing.

It isn’t more furniture, more things that clutter your space, in fact, the complete opposite. It’s art! Customised artwork that is, based on the laws on interior design and colour psychology.

The primary purpose of the living area is your space to relax, lounge, entertain and be yourself. It’s hard to do all of this when your living room feels unsatisfying and overly spacious or it is an unstylish, confusing mess!

Interestingly, 1950’s-70’s wallpaper and 19th Centuries pre-industrial trend by wealthy families to commission art relevant to them, are now past trends blending with the current obsessions of all white walls, textured feature walls (as seen with the magical Haymes Artisan and Porters ranges), and walls and surfaces adhered in various natural/synthetic cladding of all types. This merging of patterns and texture is all to bring nature into the home. However, a living room cannot express one’s individualism without art! Why?
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Because art, being unique, is the Soul of the space; everything else is design. Art is your opportunity to add humanity, mood, style, theme and a unified colour palette and, to show your taste and personality. Art reflects style and lots of art of the same genre builds your style and message.
art interior design living room

art for interior design living room
So, what are the ideal colours and layout? Colour and layout should be relevant to your architecture, furniture and accessories. If you look at your living room and it’s symmetrically balanced, it could be a formal layout where you then balance your furniture to follow this neat arrangement. If the space is different from one side to the other, this is an asymmetrical and more informal, relaxed layout; balance your furniture, so it looks good in the space.
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art Living room interior design

Always observe the rule of 2/3rds space to 1/3rd furniture and .8- 1.5m walkway areas. For colour, look at your overall walls, furniture and accessories and if you love your colours, notice their saturation i.e. how muted, pastel or bright they are. Take the colours from your palette and follow suit, being careful to balance them around the room.

For a restful décor, choose green, blue-green and blue and for energy, red, orange, yellow and yellow-green. If your living room receives hot afternoon heat, choose a cool palette and vice versa for a cold room.

Highlight your living rooms’ best features by dressing them accordingly. Purchase or commission proportionate artwork for your massive wall. If you have lots of small stuff, remember that numerous artworks and photos create clutter, so balance your smaller objects with large artwork. If you have a cathedral ceiling, hang an impressive chandelier. If the room is vast and your lounge is centred within it, ensure your place a rug larger than the suites perimeter. Add punches of black for contrast and add elements of comfort and luxury so you feel like cuddling into them and more at home.
The professional tactics I use, as a Customised Artwork Specialist, are all about fixing, enhancing and inspiring decors. Know that in any space, the right artwork can fix it! Why?

⦁ Learn to look at your space through its lines, or ‘grid’ if you will – the horizontal and vertical lines of your furniture and architecture! By measuring art to line up with your living rooms grid, you will tidy it!
⦁ Next, most people don’t understand how to create an elegant, peaceful living room that is still warm and comforting. While horizontal lines, curves and textures will warm your space, getting the size and proportion right in fact creates a strategic focal point for your living room, and, hopefully one that is all about you too! A focal point will settle the décor and ground it.
⦁ Hang artwork so that its centre is at eye level, 150-155cm above the floor and, to create a grouping with your furniture, ensure that your artwork is only 2 fists, or 20-25cm above a console, lounge, bedhead etc. Too many people hang art so it’s floating in space or worse, leave it resting on a console which looks lazy and unfinished.

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