Chapel Hill – Venetian inspired Art Commission

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>> The brief: Improve the front formal living room and brief our recommended Kitchen Designer for the job, Sandra Dara on changes to create a Venetian themed decor around the new artwork’s colours and style.  At  Art and Decor Planning Session with clients, Suzie and Phill a European-nautical theme (not far from a Hamptons style) became apparent. Very sophisticated!

>> Our strategy: Once the artwork was created by Sharron in her Free Flow technique, Sandra took over with fresh changes: whitewashed and a new feature wall colour sampled from the artwork.  Sandra’s sourced a new rug and cushions which picked up on the art’s colours and style, reiterating the watery feel.  A new coffee table and replacing the old 80’s blinds with lovely fresh Plantations and beautifully detailed drapes, confirmed the Venetian themed decor which Sandra carried into a full kitchen renovation. A new artwork and dining suite is being planned for the kitchen in the near future.


>> The results: “We love water, and we love boats and we love Venice. So, a Ventian themed decor was perfect! Your creativity Sharron and adaptation of Phil’s holiday photography conjures that feeling of escapement to another world, bringing something unique and inspiring into our living room. We love everything about Venetian Sunrise;  the colour, depth, and texture, to the story you have captured and the emotion we feel as we enjoy our piece of tailored artwork. Through your inspiration, we have recreated our formal living room, working with “New Leaf Design Studios” to extend the coastal feeling of water and boating into the heart of our suburban home.” Suzie and Phil, Chapel Hill
Photography by Clint Henegan, Stop Motion Photography

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