Wellington Point personalised art commissions and space planning for resale

Private Art Commissions

The Brief:  A full day of decluttering and space planning for resale with Donna preceded the design of her personalised art commissions. This technique sees what spaces are left for art and what décor accessories are really needed.  Once done, the style for Donna’s upstairs and downstairs proved to be contemporary exotic, later updated by Dan who wanted a New York vista for the bedroom instead. Ok and no worries, Dan!

Our strategy:  Donna and Dan were unsure if they would sell their home, or renovate, so Brisbane artist and decorator Sharron Tancred designed three personalised art commissions in one style that could fit together in one space – should they downsize.  Sharron’s decorating and space planning for resale included digitally applied decor ideas, as shown here, include Haymes Artisan feature walls, various vases and floral arrangements plus Bandhini cushions and linen.

The results: The three twilight artworks are each a symbol of Donna and Dan’s love for one at their favourite times of day.  Two leopards and two flamingoes in embrace plus the bedrooms stunning New York skyline remind them of their romantic moonlit nights. Donna and Dan’s three beautiful personalised art commissions have created heirlooms full of relevance that have themed their home but also achieved space planning for resale if they decide this in the future – and, they did!

Not sure what you are going to do.  Take action now! If you move, your personalised art commissions go with you to inspire your next home and if you stay your space planning for resale will not have been wasted!  Book now!

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