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>>The brief:  A mere flyer stand resulted in this fabulous job for Westfield North Lakes located in one of North Brisbanes swankiest suburbs. The clients came to me a mere 9 weeks in from their grand opening date, requesting a public art solution for an entry hallway. I suggested 6 sets of 12, 30.5 cm square canvases, spaced out along their hallway, with each set behind a sheet of protective Perspex. This solution saved costs in printing, gave the client original works of art, ensured their deadline would be met and it kept my suppliers to a minimum. I allowed only 2 hours for each of the portraits, but I still had to work a minimum of 6 hours every day to make the deadline!


Here was the cost of the opportunity so you can see my commitment level. Halfway during the project I fell very ill with flue and bronchitis but stubbornly worked through it. Then my eyesight became severely fatigued, requiring emergency glasses and finally my family had to survive without me while I worked nights and weekends.

children-face-portraits for westfield northlakes

>>The results:  I delivered the 72 portraits 3 days earlier than planned. The budget increased, due to client changes, however it was still a reasonable price and the quality increased due to practice painting so many portraits! I delivered portraits that I was extremely proud of and portraits the children could recognise themselves in. The Westfield North Lakes “Faces Of North Lakes “ permanent gallery (between Woolworths and Big W), was opened with ceremony by Mandy Poynton, Westfield’s Project Manager and Pine Rivers Shire Councilor Yvonne Barlow in October 2007 in front of the children, their families, the press, Westfield officials and a very relieved me.

children's portraits artwork for retail

I would like to thank Mandy Poynton and Lori Chaplin from Westfield North Lakes, for permission to show these images. Others are restricted due to privacy considerations.

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