Windaroo Interior Decor modernised and decluttered by fixing pesky art niches

Private Art Commissions

>> The brief: Myriam and Andrew at Windaroo had 3 art niches in their new home and were trying to blend their old décor into it. They added 2 Asian styled timber screens to fit their 2 lounge niches and another Asian artwork in the foyer… however, still weren’t happy. Why did they look off? New Leaf Design Studios recommended new blue and white feature wall colours to contrast the mass of timber, and Sharron for art.

>> Our strategy: Sharron’s mind mapping process mentored the couple to make decisions on colour, style and theme. Myriam and Andrew wanted their home to feel fresher, lighter, more modern, and to express their love of being outdoors and hiking in nature along flowing waterways. Andrew loved art and had a list of artists he liked. He loved artworks with rich colours and rounded, flowing shapes while Myriam wanted to tell the story of her Algerian childhood and love of the Papryus beds set against open plains.
Sharron showed them how Asian style contradicted all that they wished to create and set them on the path to a contemporary style in a cool colour palette to match the new feature walls and smaller references to the couples favourite colour, red, and their orange based floor colours.

>> The results: What a difference! Andrew and Myriam loved their artworks and how they now felt like their home was one step closer to the style and feel they wanted. They learned how to de-clutter their space, where to hang their family photos and also hoe to accessorise their lounge. Well done Andrew and Myriam!

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